Banana Eats Codes

Exclusive Banana Eats Codes 2022

Banana Eats Codes: for all the game admirers, here we have a Roblox horror puzzle game that is being developed by citrus. if you ask what you are to do in the game, then, here is the answer to this. the main objective is to hide and survive from the bananas. adding to this, the banana’s main motive is to eat all the players. isn’t it an interesting game? also, it’s not a game that may waste a lot of your time. you can just play at your own pace and time. you see, the name tells it all.

Banana Eats Codes

Moreover, there are some puzzles that need to be solved. adding to this, the banana eats codes are really good as well as helpful to the players. it is up to you, when so ever you want to redeem the codes.

“Ways To Redeem The Banana Eats Codes”

Firstly, when you click on the game, go to the lobby area. there you will see the codes button just at the bottom of the screen. once you are there in the redemption menu, you are to copy one of the codes from the given list. just write the codes in the given box and tap on redeem to the reward. so, boom, there you go. these rewards really turn out to be helpful for the players.

Banana eats frequently offers codes that help you get rewards. so, just stay updated with all the codes that are being given by the game. all you need to keep in mind is that the codes are case-sensitive, that is, you have to be careful with the alphabet. the code needs to be written as such. be careful with the small letters and the capital letters.

“A fun game to play”

Come on, all those kids out there. you have a chance to get something interesting out of your boring schedules. this game is so much fun.  also, it has been updated. so, there is, more and more fun coming your way.


Banana Eats Codes 2022

This is no harder to realize that even a game can provide you with reward coupons, that too, on a daily basis. all you need to keep in mind is that the coupons may expire a little soon. so, stay careful. however, you need not worry much as the codes are being published, every now and then. here is a list of some codes that might prove to be useful for you.

150KFOLLOWERS –  if you will use this code, you will receive moldy twitter special skin as a free reward

FREECOINS – you will receive a free reward of 100 coins

FANCYPANCAKEyou will have to use this code for a new waffle skin a free reward

GLITTEREVERYWHERE – for a free reward, use this code. you will get a new sparkle teal beacon

BOONANAEATS use this code to receive a new peel-o-lantern trap as a free reward

1151308625 – this offers an exciting award. use this code to get a new evil’s voice skin as a free reward.

THATEGGPLANTCOLOR – you will receive a new code purple beacon as a free reward

MORECOINSfor claiming your 100 coins as a free reward, use this code.

Now you see, how easy it will be for you to play this game with these added benefits in the form of coupons. for all the people who just love to play games, this is surely a game for them.

so, get started with it, people! you just cannot leave this much excitement. you will surely love this game once you get into this. the best part is that it is not a tough game to understand. it is as easy to play.

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