Blade Throwing Simulator Codes 2021

For a long time, our dear readers have been waiting for some exciting Blade Throwing Simulator codes. But we know how impatient a player can get when he doesn’t find his desired game codes when he needs them the most. Hence, keeping that in mind we have done our part of the research and found out some best Blade Throwing Simulator Codes that were available.

Moreover, we will ensure our customers remain stress-free because the Blade Throwing Simulator Codes that we have provided below are absolutely worthy and 100% valid. In general, there is no chance that in any case, these codes might not work.

So, with utter patience keep reading and regain your gaming confidence in your favorite game Blade Throwing Simulator.



Blade Throwing Simulator. In fact, it is one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox. Additionally, the main aim of the player is to gain power by throwing the blades. Further, the player is supposed to use that power to fight other people and enemies in the game. Also, another unique feature of the game that attracts players the most is its ability to sell the power and get upgrades.

Moreover, by a double jump, the player lands on an all-new island. Therefore, he gets to explore many different islands in this game as he moves forward from one stage to another. So, different levels of the game have different surprises and adventures. Above all, Blade Throwing Simulator is a fun game that helps a person enhance his virtual gaming skills.

Blade Throwing Simulator Codes


How to Play Blade Throwing Simulator?


Playing Blade Throwing Simulator is not a difficult task. Easily a player can follow the instructions given at the beginning of the game and he is good to go. To summarise, we have mentioned a few points to be kept in mind while playing the game.

  • Gain power by throwing blades
  • Use power to fight people
  • Sell power for upgrades
  • Double Jump to discover new islands!
  • Unlock new items, pets, and islands

After the last update, 1.2.1 in-game adds 1 Ireland (Volcano), some codes, buffed epic+ pets, and fixed rank’s gem multiplier.




Magikarp: Apply this code to get some gems with this code

FRASH: Get some gems with this code

subtosnowrbx: The reward is some gems when you apply this code

mk: Get some gems

OpaOpa: The reward is some gems

JojoCraft: Winsome gems with this code,

50kLikes: The reward is some gems,

snug: With this code, the reward is 15,000 gems

Telanthric: Use this code and get the reward of 15,000 gems,

vexsquad: Use this code and get the reward of  5,000 gems

discord: With this code, the reward is 15 Pet storage

ToadBoiGaming: Apply this code and get the reward of 8,000 gems

Thecookieboi: The reward is 8,000 gems,

million: With this code, the reward is 5,000 gems,

million2: Use this code and get the reward of 2,500 coins,

razor: Redeem this code and get the reward of 1,000 gems,

secret: Redeem this code and get the reward of 1,000 gems,

Gamingdan: With this code, the reward is 1,000 gems

secret: Get a reward of 1,000 gems

TWITTER: Get the reward of 1,000 gems

PlanetMilo: Use this code and get the reward of 1,000 gems



Firstly, find the “Codes” button right side of your screen and click this icon.
Secondly, the screen will be opened.
Then, type codes from above to the blank area. (you can copy-paste these codes)
Lastly, hit the “Enter” button to use codes.

In short Click on the blue Codes button (right side of the screen), enter the code, and click on Enter to redeem it.


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To conclude, the Blade Throwing Simulator Promo Codes provided above are the best and suited for all the stages of the Blade Throwing Simulator Game. Furthermore, these codes help win rewards. Along with that, they will also help to facilitate the players towards winning levels and elevating themselves. So, there is no turning back now, just download the game and get set to play !!

Likewise, we aim towards providing the best offers to our readers so that they can gain an amazing gaming experience all around.

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