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Drinking Simulator Codes | Popular Codes For Drinking Simulator 2021 | Jungle Soda Drinking Simulator Codes

Drinking Simulator Codes  – Dear Readers, Wishing you good health as we begin to proceed in this article. In particular, we are here to announce that your wait for your favorite gaming promo codes is now over.

Keeping in mind the patience and interests of our fellow readers we quickly assembled all the codes of Drinking Simulator and compiled them here in this article.

Drinking Simulator Codes

Therefore, our gamers can now redeem these new Drinking Simulator codes in order to benefit themselves in the game Drinking Simulator. Undoubtedly, these Drinking Simulator Codes are in absolute working mode, verified, and 100% trustworthy.

Furthermore, you can sell or buy any drinks you like and get a ton of coins as rewards.



The Drinking Simulator game was created on 3/20/2019 by WaCe Studios in Roblox. Surprisingly, the game was visited by 100,000 players since its launch. As a result, over 2 thousand people playing the game added it to the favorites. Uniquely, only 8 Roblox players can play from a map of the game.

Furthermore, the game Drinking Simulator welcomes the player with a piece of beautiful music and introduction. Above all, the game is very appealing and addictive. Once you start playing it, there is no going back. In general, the role of the player is to drink new drinks and even sell them to other people to reach a new stage in the game. Additionally, every stage is set on a different island, and some islands even in the sky. Therefore, the player buys better drinks in each stage or sells them.

Moreover, the drinks available to the players are milk, coffee, and tea. Additionally, drinks like juice, beer, and coke are also available in the options. Honestly, this is not just enough detail. In fact, the player can also improvise the drinks by adding fresh fruits in the drinks.

In brief, Drinking  Simulator is the most popular drinking game to let you drink from your phone and add lots of delicious fruits to drinks. Consequently, this game is so much fun that it can virtually quench all your thirst for the different drinks you are desiring for.




H3AV3N: Redeem this code and get money as a reward

HELL: Applying this promo code will give you money

H3LL: Use this code and get prize money.

LeafUpdate: Again, with this code earn a lot of money.

Drinkwater: Use this code and win a huge amount of money.

Release: Using this code will lead you to a Great Start in the game.


Note that all the codes mentioned above are case-sensitive. Therefore, we would recommend the readers to copy-paste the codes.



  • Firstly, find the “Twitter” button (it should say codes on it) left side of your screen and click this button.
  • Secondly, the screen will be opened.
  • Then, type codes from above to the blank area. (You can copy-paste these codes)
  • Lastly, hit the “Enter” button to use codes.



To end the article, we would remind you that all the Drinking Simulator codes provided above are best to use in all the stages. The Drinking Simulator Codes will help the players level up their game and reach new stages before anyone else.

Adding to it, so many people have recently installed the game Drinking Simulator. As a result, it has become one of the most loved games in the current times when most of us are home and bored.

Altogether, a game like Drinking Simulator is a must-have on everyone’s phones on today’s date.

Therefore, we aim towards providing the best offers to our readers so that they can gain an amazing gaming experience all around.

Hence, keep checking out our website for more fascinating articles and Promo Codes and level up your game already. Also, invite your friends and win even more.

Best Wishes Gamers !!

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